Realtor advice for a DIY kitchen remodel!

Know your apps
The market is flooded with apps that are tailor-made for designing and renovating. You can test out a paint color, schedule your timeline, have a leveler on hand and even create a 3D plan of your proposed changes.

Check in with your council
It pays to know all the limitations of your local area, such as acceptable building times, development applications and the location of water mains and electricity lines.

Plan ahead
All the pieces of the puzzle need to be organised before they are put into play. You can’t have your cupboards and bench tops made without knowing the measurements and style of your sink and mixers. Make sure that you are on top of your design so your project can run smoothly.

If the kitchen you are replacing is in good condition, try selling it via You could add a few more dollars to your reno kitty!

Think efficiency
As the world becomes a little greener, appliances are quickly becoming even more energy and water efficient than a couple of years ago. Previously, energy ratings were out of six, but with appliances all passing with flying colors, the parameters had to be increased to 10. Not only are you helping the environment, but your hip pocket will also benefit come bill time.

Get a range of quotes
The current economic climate means that it’s a very competitive time for builders. Make sure that you get quotes from lots of builders so you get the best deal.

Choose appliances that suit your lifestyle
Do you really need a cook top with six burners and a huge oven? If you aren’t a frequent entertainer, make sure your space reflects your needs and personality.

Have a contingency plan
You can always stumble across structural issues or rising damp, which can put a huge dent in your finances. it is good to put aside 20-30 per cent of your budget to cover any nasty surprises.


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