Memorial vs. Labor vs. Veteran’s Day

We have all done it. We confuse the many American holidays celebrating our country’s great people. It’s easy to do. This week we are going to set the record straight so we will never embarrass ourselves again.


Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, is a day to remember those who have fallen for our country. It’s a day to pay tribute to those who have died serving in the military. This day was chosen after the Civil War and first known as Decoration Day to decorate the graves of servicemen because it was thought that all the flowers would be in full bloom for the season. On this day the flag is quickly raised to the top of the staff where it is lowered slowly to half-staff to honor the one million who have died in service. There the flag stays until noon when it is raised to honor the living. Years later, in 1971, it was officially declared a national holiday called Memorial Day.


Labor Day is over 100 years old and is the first Monday in September. This day was created after cries from the American Labor Movement called for recognition. The first parade was held in New York City to promote Labor Unions. It is now a time to celebrate the contribution of the American worker to the prosperity and well being of the country. It is dedicated to the economic achievements of the people.


Veteran’s Day is on November 11th and is a day to honor all military personnel who has served. This day was originally called Armistice Day to honor the end of World War I on November 11th, 1918. In 1954, after several wars the name was changed to Veteran’s Day to honor all veterans who have served in any war.

Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy your three-day weekends knowing what they stand for.



Blissful Burger Binges

MB_0065_21AugB11-1-burger            Sometimes you just need to take a chance on a clogged artery for the perfect burger experience. When that time comes it has to be worth the wait. No one wants to go to a burger restaurant and be disappointed in his or her decision since burger joints are a dime a dozen. Buyer’s remorse at dinnertime is an unfortunate epidemic. This guide will help you decide on the best burger splurge with the least amount of buyer’s remorse.

Ron’s Hamburger and Chili: Ron’s is the diner experience with a mouth-watering juicy patty and crisp toppings on your bun. Their side choices range from fancy loaded or various fried veggies. Get the Spanish Fries for a spicy delight where traditional fries are cooked with jalapeños and onions. The option of a sausage patty to replace boring beef will turn your dreams of combining dinner and breakfast into a reality. Dunch can now replace brunch. Spread the news; tell your hipster friends.

Nic’s Grill: This is a hole in the wall shack style house that feeds the masses. People will wait in a line wrapped around the building to get an old-fashioned burger from Nic. What people rave about? The grilled onions. Customers who don’t even like onions say that these are the best they’ve ever had. Those onions mixed with some grilled jalapeños create a yin and yang balance of flavors. This holy grail of grease is worth braving the lengthy line. Don’t worry though. Nic has it down to a science so the wait isn’t actually that long.

Big ED’s Hamburgers: Big ED’s has withstood the ages. This simple joint has a tasty burger and hand-cut fries made fresh daily. The hot set up here is the Mushroom Swiss burger for the fungus lovers. If you have a lot of mouths to feed then get the “Big ED” which is a pizza-sized burger cut into eight pieces. It’s great for leveling up your group office lunch or meeting.

S&B’s Burger Joint: I know what you’re thinking… S&B’s is a doesn’t belong with all these other low key mom and pop places. Wrong. S&B’s may be a chain but they only have 4 locations and 3 of those are in Oklahoma. They have so many options for your burger to choose from. You can get anything from peanut butter to roasted green chilis or Korean BBQ sauce. Every day there’s a different special for when you’re budget dining. Unlike the competition, they have a vegetarian house made patty for those who enjoy the All American meal without harming the cow.

Live your best life without regrets. Eat only good burgers.

Benefits of Buying

Renting is overrated. The money is being thrown into the wind while your landlord is rolling in your hard earned cash and paying off their mortgage while telling you they’ll get to that leak under the sink “soon.” I remember renting one year when I didn’t even see the landlord. I couldn’t tell you what they looked like. My dishwasher was broken and the maintenance man told us to not use our health hazard heater because it was outdated. Needless to say it was a cold winter and we moved out of there quickly as possible. Does this sound like a familiar situation? Then you may be ready to sail into the sea of ownership where you are the Captain and that ship is under your control.

Buying a home comes with certain freedoms. One of those freedoms is not having a landlord. You are able to paint, hang wall art, and landscape as you please without the risk of not getting a deposit back. There are no noise restrictions, pet deposits, or remodeling. Butters, the hound, can run and be free in his house without his human worrying about what the landlord will say about his accident on the carpet. Renting stifles this ability to truly make a space your own. A home is yours to customize into a beautiful space that mirrors your personality with no guilt.


Taxes are a big stressor. Who doesn’t want a little relief when April comes around? Homeowners are offered several tax breaks. Some of those include Mortgage Interest, Tax and Penalty Free IRA, Home Improvements, Energy Credits, Home Equity Loans, and Real Estate Taxes. There is even a Home Office credit if you work from home. So many deductions, so little stress.

A homeowner’s net worth is 45 times that of an average renter. While rent is never recovered, mortgage payments build equity. It is an investment in the future by increasing an individual’s net worth. Not to mention it is cheaper to buy than rent. The average mortgage is lower than a rental payment and over time the interest portion of the mortgage payment decreases therefore the interest that you pay will be lower than a rental cost.


Having a home in a neighborhood provides a sense of community. You know your neighbors. You know where your children will grow up and go to school. You know that you can walk your dog every night with a peace of mind. One doesn’t always get that when renting because you never know when the rent may be raised depending on your lease. You may not even be able to renew your lease when the time comes. Community is a sense of stability and security.

Free yourself of the waves of rent, buy your dream boat.


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Small Home Updates that Make Big Changes

Many people want to add a little pizzazz to their homes but don’t know where to start. Whether it be to prepare to sell or for the owners personal appeal, these small updates can turn around an entire vibe to make a house a home.


Never underestimate the power of a can of paint. One can completely revitalize a room. If you still have that pea green wall color that your friends complimented you on in the 1970’s then it may be time to change up your style. Fashions change and our tastes change with them. If you are selling then choose a neutral color even if they all look the same to you and are only slight variations of “baguette” or “camel.” If you just want to spice up your life then choose a hue that shows your personality.


Replace old hardware on cabinets and drawers. I remember when my mother inherited our grandparents’ house. I had never really thought much of the handles to cabinets. My mother changed them because I am pretty sure they were the originals from 1955 when my grandparents bought the house. I immediately noticed the change even though I had never given them thought before. All her family members commented on them as well. It was such a little thing that made a large impression. Along with hardware, light fixtures and faucets are the next items that can really date a room. Replacing these with a more sleek look will instantly modernize the space.


Give the outside love. The inside of a home is important, but the outside can be just as inviting or uninviting. Simple ways to add curb appeal is to add a small flowerbed around that tree in your front yard. You can paint your rusty mailbox to a nice warm tone. Of course, don’t forget to mow and edge the lawn. It is an easy and cheap fix to spruce up the yard. Placing flower pots around the porch and a few decorations can really increase the visual appeal and make you want to come home after a long day to sit on your relaxing porch.