Smart Ways to Pack for a Move

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Moving can be stressful. There is so much to organize and pack before you go from one house to your new home. It is the moment when you realize that you have collected so much over the years that it’s starting to look like an episode of Storage Wars in your garage. “Overwhelming” is a good word for the whole debacle.  Relax. Just follow these steps and you’ll be an organizational moving pro in no time.

Make a folder and keep all your important moving documents in it before you leave. These can range from contracts, receipts, moving quotes, and leasing or rental agreements. That way in case of emergency you are covered.

Collects the necessary supplies beforehand. Get your scissors, tape, permanent marker for labeling, bubble wrap, and packing paper like old newspapers ahead of time. Don’t forget boxes. Your local grocery, clothing, and coffee shops will usually save you some if you ask nicely.

The first few days before moving pack things you use the least and save the items you use most for the end. Now pack your “first-night” box at once. These will be personal items you will need on your first night in your new space. These may be a toothbrush, clothing, towels, soap, you name it, whatever you think you need that evening to have an easy transition into the next day. Believe me, this will go much better for you if you are not searching for toilet paper in 10 boxes marked “bathroom” right after guzzling a liter of water.

Several weeks before even thinking about packing you can go through all your junk. This is a perfect time to get rid of old things you have collected and don’t use. You don’t want your new place to be a museum of untouched knick-knacks. Start donating, selling, and giving away the stuff that you haven’t used in 6 months. Not to mention, do you really want to go through the trouble of packing junk just to unpack it later and store it forever? Make a point to start over fresh for your new place. Back to packing.

You will put the heaviest articles in small boxes. I’ve made this mistake several times. Often I have filled a huge box to the brim with books to which my husband was unamused. You will find heavy items are much easier to carry in small packages and your back will be grateful.

This one is a given but we will mention it anyways. Organize each box according to room such as living room, guest room, kitchen, bathroom etc. Then you can get fancy with a subcategory like silverware, bedding, summer clothes, or picture frames.

You will have no part of Storage Wars once you’ve completed this ultimate packing checklist.

How to Build Credit

The whole point of credit is to show that you are a responsible adult who will be able to pay a lender back when applying for a loan. Applying for a loan is especially difficult if you do not have credit. It is a good idea to start building credit at a young age. The sooner, the better. It is something that is definitely not taught in school but it should be. This information would have been so much more helpful than geometry in my personal opinion. You will need a few nuggets of advice first before you start your financial journey.



Get a credit card. There is a lot of negativity associated with credit cards and I understand. They are a quick way to debt before you realize it. Despite this, they are also a good way to build credit. The trick is to start off buying small things like gas and then paying it off completely each month. It will show the lenders that you are great at paying back debts. It’s important that you use the credit card every month, not that you have it and it sits in a drawer otherwise it defeats the purpose of having it.



Once you have one credit card, then get another. One line of credit is okay but two are amazing. This can be something small like a clothing store credit card. Get your work clothes from the store and pay it off every month as well. Different lines of credit create variety in your hypothetical portfolio.



Get a small loan. This can be as simple as a student loan. Paying back a little loan will open the doors for you to qualify for large loans such as a loan for a car or house. It may even be beneficial to take out a menial loan just to pay it back almost immediately. This is a quick way to build credit fast if you’re in desperate need of good credit.



Get something in your name. Whether it is a gas bill or auto insurance, a bill with your name on it signifies you have been paying someone consistently. Rent, utilities, and phone bills are all included in helping your credit score grow.



Credit building can be intimidating. Don’t let the details bog you down. Start with these few simple tricks and you will have an amazing credit score in no time.



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Oklahoma Weather Ready

Oklahoma seems to be on Mother Nature’s hit list because it can never make up its mind about which season it is that day. Now that we are on the verge of spring it is a wise idea to prepare for anything Mother Nature wants to throw at us at any moment. A few ways we can prepare are some weather proofing techniques that will make your transition to weather war a bit less dreadful.



Trim and maintain your trees and shrubs. This is a quick way to lessen the debris in your yard before a large storm. Keeping your bushes and trees trimmed is a great way to cut the dead of winter from your landscape as well as prevention of cleanup later when wind and lighting strikes. All you need is a chainsaw and possibly a ladder.



Just like when you don’t want winter chill leaks into your home, you don’t want summer heat leaking in either. This spring do an inspection of all your window seals and re-caulk those that are beginning to peel and crack. Under the door is a common place to lose or take in unwanted air so place rubber feet or padding at the bottom of especially wide door crevices. Video on how to here.



Too hot or cold in your home due to large windows? Invest in blackout curtains at any home goods store. They will keep your house warm or cold by preventing sunlight from warming the house and protecting from drafty windows. This may also save you a little on your electric bill.



Check for holes in the attic. On a sunny day look for streams of light and on a rainy day look for drops of water. Black stains on your insulation are an indication of leakage. Small leaks can be easily fixed with caulk and sealant. This will let you know where to patch any leaks coming in and will prevent further damage in the future by catching it early. Check your insulation. Make sure you have enough and that all the pieces are fit together snugly. You may want to call in a professional opinion. Blown in fiberglass or cellulose can be used to fill in gaps if they are an inch above or below the joists.


Don’t let Mother Nature catch you unprepared. Surprise her with your resilience and proactive ventures.