Cleaning Out Your Closet

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Spring is now upon us, the season of rebirth and renewal. To keep in the spirit with the moment it’s a good time to clean out your closet literally and not metaphorically. Although if clearing old junk from your closet helps you emotionally and mentally then maybe metaphorically will work too. I am here to be your closet rebirth guide.

First remove all the clothes in the closet. For each item ask yourself these questions to aid you in deciding whether to get rid of it or not. Does it fit? Is it damaged? Have I worn this within the past 12 months? Would I buy it today if I saw it in a store? These are great indicators if you should donate the piece. This system can also be used when contemplating the worth of shoes. Then you can separate them into discard or sell piles.

Get new hangers that match so that everything looks uniform and straight. You will be more likely to wear an item if you can see them all clearly and don’t have to dig around in the closet to the deepest abyss for an outfit.

Raise your bed with a bed riser. This is a great place to store unused clothes for the season. If it is spring and your closet is full of winter’s thick coats and boots then under the bed riser in plastic tubs would be a choice hiding spot.

Get matching wicker or canvas baskets to organize the non-clothing things in the bottom of your closet. These can go back in the bottom or on the top shelf. These can also be tagged to easily be able to see what the baskets contain for your convenience. That way it hides your clutter and brings order to the mess at the same time.

Use a hanger with shower curtain rings to hang scarves, camisoles, tank tops, ties, hats or belts. This way you can keep them all in one place and lessen the chance of losing them. You will also be able to see them all at once and re-hang them with ease.

If you cleared out tons of old clothing but your tiny closet still is busting out like the Koolaid man through a concrete wall then a simple hack is to use S hooks or soda can tabs to hang multiple garments so they will stack vertically instead or squishing them inside to side. You can take this one step further by grouping them in colors, season or types.

The rebirth of the closet is one of the most beautiful sights that spring cleaning brings.


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