Multi-Use Guest Room

MB-0159-Blog-041718 coverA guest room is a great addition to have when family and friends come to call. The downside is that the room is only used occasionally, maybe a few times a year around the holidays and vacations. In order to maximize this space, there are quite a few options to turn that room into a multipurpose area.

Turn that room into an at home office. Set up a desk area that your guests can use while they enjoy their stay. A decorative comfy chair and a modern glowing lamp can set the ambiance for a more homey place to get all your duties accomplished. It will make your office feel less sterile and for once you and your companions may actually enjoy getting to sit at a desk. Choose a full bed in place of a queen or king if the space is especially tight.

A guest area can also double as a den or family room. A day bed can be a place for sleepovers or a lounge spot to gather the family around for movie night. Find a lifted day bed with deep drawers for extra storage underneath, which can hold board games and toys. The use of smaller furniture such as a daybed, side tables, chest of drawers will stretch the space to go further.

Remember the old comedic shows when a person rented a cramped efficiency and the whole scene was the character trying to figure out how to pull out their Murphy bed from the wall? Well, I’m not saying it’s for everyone but Murphy beds are back in style. There are many cute beds that tuck away easily when you are finished with them and need the extra room. The best part is that the back of the bed just looks like another part of the wall.

When we work hard for our square footage at the end of the day we want to get as much use out of each inch as possible. Creating multipurpose spaces can help actualize that to help form a functional home.


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