Effective House Warming Gifts

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The neighbors just moved in and you want to show a little friendly hospitality or your friend bought a new house and is throwing a party to break in their happy home. The go-to gift would be a beautiful Ivy but you know that they have a brown thumb as opposed to green; you’ve seen those flower beds struggle.  Here are a few items that those friends and neighbors will be overjoyed to receive and definitely will use.

A fancy bottle of olive oil. For those who are chefs at heart, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Since typically olive oil tends to be pricey most people don’t use an excess amount. A nice bottle will last them through several meals. A flavor infused oil may add a little spice to their life. Literally. A nice bottle can be purchased in any culinary boutique or a more widely known store such as Williams Sonoma.

A precious doormat. They could be worried about that freshly lain carpet so a place to wipe their guests’ shoes would be ideal. A cute doormat with a welcoming quote or phrase will be an inviting addition to their front porch. If they have animals then a “Wipe Your Paws” mat may be in order, or a “Come on In, We’re Not Ready” for the one who always claims they’ll be ready in five minutes but you both know they just got in the shower. You know who you are.

Freezer meals. This may not be the cleverest gift but it is extremely practical. If you’re anything like me then you LOVE food and always appreciate a good meal. Sometimes throwing a frozen meal in the oven or slow cooker is just so much less headache when the busy day is done. Moving into a new place is exhausting and any time spent not thinking about what’s for dinner is time well spent. Your friends will hold you dear to their heart once you’ve fed them.

A chips and salsa server. Who doesn’t love salsa? No one, I tell you. This is one thing I was really upset about looking back at my wedding registry after the wedding was long over. Why didn’t I register for one?! This is something that is perfect for the one who loves to entertain. So convenient and can be a multiuse server. It can hold chips, salsa, hummus, crackers, pickles, olives, and even celery for the weirdos.

Never go to a party empty-handed. I have always taken this advice from my mother and honestly, it has never let me down. These housewarming gifts are sure to be a centerpiece of the party. If not, then there’s always wine.


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