Get Your Home Ready For Market



Selling your home can be a stressful experience if you are unprepared or unorganized. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the preparation and work that goes into it. Something you should keep in mind before selling is giving it a quick and tidy makeover. These are simple and quick ways to make your house more appealing to buyers.

Make a list of repairs in the home that need to be done. Then assign each task to a family member or hire a serviceman to come out to fix it. Repairs to look for should include caulking that needs replacing, all door hardware is working and not squeaky, ceiling and wall cracks, chipped and broken tiles, update light outlet covers and switches if needed, clean carpets. Those are the major items that need attention.

As for visual appeal, you want to neutralize the home as much as possible. You can remove distracting curtains and keep simple blinds or shutters. Keep furniture light and neutral colors. Move the furniture around so as to create a more wide-open space as well as arrange mirrors to brighten and create an open frame. If you have a ton of crammed furniture in the house, consider moving some to the garage while in the process of showing the house. Define each room with a purposeful space. Do not let buyers know you have a junk room. Each space should have a clear use such as craft room, living room, dining room, bedroom, or guest room.

Remove as much clutter from shelves and counter spaces as possible. You may even want to pack up personal items and pictures because the buyer wants to imagine it as their home. It is distracting to them if they are focusing on all the memories you have already made there. Keep what’s on the shelves to a minimum with cute accent items.

Make the front door and entry inviting with a sign and welcome mat, maybe even décor with the home’s numbers painted on… Place planters or a couple of flowers along the walkway. Don’t make it too personal such as your name or initials but just a little something to say that this place not stark and sterile and that it’s ready to become someone’s dream.

Moving and selling can be difficult but setting your home up for a successful sale doesn’t have to be. Start with these few items and you will be more prepared than anyone on the block to sell quickly and you may impress your realtor.




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