Planting To Prevent Pests


It is well into Spring and time for your garden to flourish. Despite all our best efforts oftentimes pests still come to call on our poor plants and can end up destroying all our hard work. This year we will play it smart and plant things that will prevent those bugs from biting. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on harsh chemicals. A few household plants may just do the trick.

Basil is common and easily tended to. Its fragrant leaves will deter a variety of flies and hornworms from tomato plants. It does well in moist soil with 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Space them around your tomato plant within 21 inches for best results.

Citronella grass is used in many ways to prevent bugs and mosquitoes. I bet that you’ve become extremely familiar with its pungent scent in the Summer while trying to get relief. It is often used in oils and candles to ward off the buzzing critters. You can place a small terra cotta pot planted with the grass on your table or use the clippings from your garden to place in a glass at the table for best prevention methods.

Petunia’s are a colorful addition to your outdoor space that doubles as a “nature’s pesticide.” They repel aphids, beetles, hornworms, squash bugs, and leafhoppers. They do best in lots of sun and can be planted in the ground or potted for convenience. They’re a great way to have color and protection in your garden.

Lavender is a beautiful and soft way to say “good riddance” to pests. They are a natural deterrent to mosquitoes. They have a gorgeous delicate purple bloom and the oil from it can be used on the skin for extra coverage. You can plant these in clusters to the entrance of your garden or around your seating area.

Rosemary is a perfect summer heat plant because it likes to stay dry. It will ward off offenders and add flavor to your dishes. That is a two for one deal I’d say. They can be planted in containers or as a full hedge.

Mint can repel winged beasts and be added to your beverage as a refreshing treat. Its scent is delightful to us but disgusting to small creatures. Keep your mint in a small pot and frequently tend its leaves to keep it maintained. It will keep flies out of the house. It also is great indoors all winter.

Have a chemical and pest free garden this year. All the fragrances will give your space a summer feel without the miserable winged visitors.


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