Prep your Pool for Summer

MB-0184-Blog-052918-coverThis summer is going to be the hottest one yet. Don’t be left outside without your pool being ready to party. It’s already in the 90’s and spring isn’t technically over yet. Oklahoma sure does love its heat waves. Be prepared for the worst or best case scenario and have your pool ready for those in need of cooling down.

The first step is to clean your filtration system and baskets. Clear out any debris from filters. You want to make sure your pumps and filters are in working order before you take the plunge, figuratively and literally speaking.

After the pump is in functioning order then top off the water levels, if the water levels are too low then the pump won’t be able its work its magic. Fill it with the water hose until within about 6 to 12 inches of the top.

. If you don’t have a pool cover then think about investing in one. It will save you much hassle when reopening for the season. It keeps leaves and debris out and saves you from draining the pool, which you don’t want to do in case of the possibility of the pool popping out of the ground since it doesn’t have the water weight holding it down.

We all hope that we uncover the pool hoping that its clear and beautiful but this is never the case. Always keep a few bags of Shock on hand because you of all people know that often the pool is green from rainwater and bacteria growth. Yuck. Shock will instantly bring the chlorine levels up killing anything you don’t want living in your sacred summer water. It will be crystal clear in no time.

Wait until the water is clear to take your first dive. Although I agree that it is tempting, the chemicals have not completely done their job unless you can see the bottom and there is no murkiness. Once that’s finished then your summer is now set up for success.


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