Family Fun in the Sun (Or the Shade)


Here’s a list of all the family fun that you MUST accomplish this summer. I dare you, double dog dare with no take backs. See how many items you can check off before the end of summer and make it a friendly competition with your neighbors. Kick boredom out the door.

  • Elevation Trampoline Park: the Best way for kids to spend some of that summertime energy. Let them jump it out until they get those naptime eyes. You know what I’m talking about.
  • Pick a fruit, any fruit: Let them pick their own produce at a local OK farm. Then after a long day’s haul, you can take home your goodies to bake something delicious. Or just eat it right then and there. No judgment.
  • Dem’ Bones: If your little Mikey or Mena is an aspiring Paleontologist then they’ll get a thrill at the Museum of Osteology. It features hundreds of skeletons from around the world and is the first and only bone museum in the USA.
  • African Safari (In OKLA): Tiger Safari is an exotic zoo park that provides an interactive experience with the little baby animals (Sigh). They’re so cute. Take a guided tour through the park and feel like you’re in an exotic faraway land.
  • Shade at the Arcade: When its extra miserable on those OK summer days, shoot for a day indoors at any of the family-friendly arcades offered. These can include, but aren’t limited to, Brickopolis, Dave and Buster’s, Main Event, Chuck E. Cheese (classic), Cactus Jacks, Celebration Station, HeyDay, and Andy Alligator’s. The possibilities are endless.
  • Beach Blues: Being in a landlocked state can have its downsides, one being no ocean front beaches. Fear no more because now you can have an outdoor blast at Bricktown Beach. This new venue has sand, lounge chairs, volleyball nets, and SUN. Beach blues obliterated.
  • Natural Beauty: Get natural in nature at Martin Nature Center. This reserve contains all the elements of a wildlife Reserve all in your own city. Rolling waters, prairie dog watch party, bird observatory, and easy hikes for the small feet.
  • Memory Lane: Take a trip down memory lane with a night at a nostalgic drive-in movie. The Winchester and the Beacon offer kids and adult films alike. Nothing is more fulfilling than homemade popcorn in a brown Crest bag popped by your parents. I can attest.

Don’t just survive summer, master it.


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