Heat Proof Your House


Every Oklahoma summer is brutal. Each day, starting even in Spring, is a dry hot beat down from the sun. All summer it consistently reaches upper 90’s and the particularly scorching days, the 100’s. It’s important to be prepared for this. The best way to beat the heat is to go back to the comfort of your chilly home at the end of a long sweaty day. Ways to keep your house heat free are simple and don’t have to be too drastic like moving to Alaska to live in an igloo despite that being a fantastic option to keep as a backup plan.

Watch out for windows. Windows let in large amounts of heat into the house, especially if they are facing the sun during peak hours of the day. In order to keep your bills low and your comfort levels high close your blinds or shutters every time you leave the house. You can take it one step further by hanging blackout or heavy curtains with white backing to deflect and absorb the incoming rays.

For a long-term fix, plant tall trees and full bushes to shield the house from the sun. It may not be helpful this summer but in a few years, if you plan on staying in the home a while, you will have a massive shade grove for the house and your backyard barbecues. You can also plant creeping vines to cover an area that needs extra cooling.

Many don’t realize this but you can set your fans to rotate in the opposite direction. What?! Since when?! That’s what I said. The thought process behind this is that cold air sinks just like heat rises, so rotating your fans direction will pick up the cold floor level air and disperse it evenly throughout the room and around your body since most of us don’t typically sit on the floor. If you do, then its probably because your fans are still going clockwise.

Insulate although it feels counterintuitive. Your home may need an update in insulation. Have an expert come check it out or if you’re a DIY gal or guy then watch some Youtube videos and investigate yourself. Just like insulation keeps hot air inside during the winter it keeps cold air indoors during summer. Good insulation means good summer vibes.

Search for cracks. Look at all the windows for cracks in caulking. These can leave massive air leaks into the home. Check all the doors to make sure there are no gaps between the floor and the door. If there are you can invest in a foam device that slides onto the door filling in the gap. Enjoy your newly heat proofed house.


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