Fall is for Family


The best time of the year is finally here and if feels like we have waited a long and sweltering summer for this day. It’s now time for scarves, books, tea, and family. AS much as there are many tempting activities you can do inside this season, this time we’re going to shed some sunlight on the outdoors. This Fall get outside and enjoy everything it was meant for. You know we only get what feels like two weeks of it so make the best of your time.

For the kiddoes or even your child at heart friends, go on a nature scavenger hunt. This is a great time to see the wildlife and changing foliage. See how many different color leaves or stones you can collect. Take a Polaroid camera to snap photos of as many animals as you can. The woods are abundant with wildlife like squirrels, deer, beavers, and birds preparing for winter. Here is a printable scavenger hunt list to get you started, https://www.takethemoutside.com/nature-scavenger-hunt/ . You can add your own twists to it or just head out as is with paper and pen in hand.

For the entire extended family, go apple picking. I’ve always wanted to do this. Usually, you go out to the farm and fill up a basket they give you and then just pay per basket. The coolest part about this is that you have fresh handpicked apples that you can take home to make favorite fall treats like apple pie, apple butter, candied apples. The options are endless.

Have a picnic in your favorite park as the leaves change. Take little Scruffy with a Frisbee and stock a basket full of delicious seasonal foods like chili, soup or pasta and a carafe of hot cocoa. “I regret going to the park on such a beautiful day,” said no one ever.

Now some exciting fall fun is to get lost…in a corn maze that is. Corn mazes are an absolute delight and the thrill of figuring out the puzzle is too cool. They’re fun for people of all ages and bonus points if it’s a haunted maze. Ooooooohhhh. Nothing says Autumn like corn and being scared.

This time of year is the optimal time to go camping. The weather is perfect, the stars are brighter, and waking up in a warm sleeping bag while the air is crisp is a feeling that can’t be replicated. Not only that, you can incorporate all the traditional autumn to do’s such as making s’mores, building a campfire, walking the woods, heating apple cider over the fire, cooking stew, and bike riding down a trail.

Make some memories out of doors this year, your soul will appreciate it.

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