DIY Halloween Décor


A wonderful holiday deserves a wonderful decoration spread. Halloween is the greatest time to let your creativity fly along with your brooms and bats. Sometimes the coolest decorations are the ones that you’ve made yourself. You can tell all your friends with pride that you crafted them on your own.

Black cats and pumpkins are a staple in the festivities. Combine both of them and you have a Jack o’lantern kitty cat. Spray paint a pumpkin black for your cat’s body. Carve your cats face into a small pumpkin for the head. Paint your head black and glue on some felt ears. Poise the head on its body and you have a cute Halloween pumpkat.

Make your outdoor bushes creepy for trick or treaters by saving toilet paper rolls and cutting various shaped eyes into each of them. Make your eyes glow with different colored glow sticks. Your bushes will glow with eerie eyes watching your Halloween partygoers.

Create blood-spattered candles by taking white candles of different shapes and sizes and melt a red candlestick over them using the drippings to create blood-like drops. This will be a sure way to creep out dinner guests. Muahaha.

In the front yard shape ghostly figures out of chicken wire. Then spray paint them with glow in the dark paint. These frightful creatures will greet your guests as they arrive. Your otherworldly party guests will be quite an intriguing surprise as the walk up the front lawn.

For a petrifying centerpiece, take mason jars and coat in a layer of glue or modge podge. Layer gauze in a strategic mummified pattern. Add googly eyes and you have yourself a set of mummies for your table. Put tea light candles inside for an ambient eve.

These are some precious and terrorizing ways to dress up your home in preparation for an inspired Halloween. Now, let us just hope your guests don’t ghost you.

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