Safely Treating Without Tricks


One of the most amazing feelings as a child is Halloween day, and you know later you will get to stay up on a school night to gather loads and loads of candy. Maybe, just maybe your parents will let you stay up a bit later to enjoy tasting your treasure trove. The excitement is just too much and you can barely focus on school because you are deciding what you’re going to wear that eve. Here are a few tips to keep the kids safe and worry free so they can focus on the good times ahead.

Everyone carry lights. This may seem like a simple and obvious thing but sometimes we get so caught up with what costume we need to put together for Sally or who is going to stay home to pass out candy that we can easily forget. Go to the store and get flashlights and glow sticks so everyone will have a bit of light to take with them. There will be less falling, running into each other and even hitting trees. Hey, those masks are pretty blinding.

Not only does little Johnny need to be able to see now that he has his flashlight, but people also need to be able to see him. Bikers, people rushing around and cars passing in the dark can be dangerous for him. To avoid any accidents, strap the little guy down with glow in the dark costumes, reflective tape, and bright clothing so he is a beacon of light for all to see. That may be a good costume idea.

If your child has an identification card from school or otherwise have him or her carry it with them in their bag or pocket. The crowds during treating season can be overwhelming so if the little monster gets lost they will have a way to be found with help from an adult.

Go trick or treating together. Kids under 16 should have an accompanying adult with them. It would be fun for the kids and safer to go with a group of kids from school or the neighborhood. Large groups can be seen easier and its better than going alone. If something were to happen when one was alone no one would be able to see it or get help. Then afterwards the kids can trade each other for all their favorite candy and brag about their riches.

May your Halloween have many treats and little tricks.

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