Best Cyber Monday Deals All Week

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If you’re like me then on Black Friday you lock your door, curl up in pajamas with some hot cocoa and read until the stampedes dissipate. I am not a crowds and lines lady. I’d much rather hide from the shopping apocalypse outside. In celebration of the World Wide Web and a new craze called Cyber Monday, I can now appreciate shopping the deals with absolutely no waiting, no lines, no people and that my friends is a beautiful silver lining. These are my very own interesting things list for this week, Cyber Monday style.

Echo Dot from Amazon: The newest generation Echo Dot for only $29. The one I purchased came with a smart plug so it was $5 more than the Dot only package, which was $24. I received an echo dot for my wedding and I use it for all my music and podcast listening needs while I’m cleaning. Therefore, I got this for my family’s Dirty Santa. They will think I’m crazy considering they are originally $75.

Ancestry DNA kit: For all your history buff and genealogical researching family members, an Ancestry DNA kit is only $49 this week. If you’re more of  @3 and Me fan then they are also $100 off most kits. These include the full health assessment ones as well. My mother got these for her and I last Christmas and we had a blast comparing results with other family members. These are usually $100 so it’s like bogo if you get two, one for you and one for a gift. No one has to know.

Beats Headphones: I don’t know about you but I’ve heard good things about these headphones and I’ve always wanted to try them out. This week at Best Buy they are $189. Typically they run about $350, so if you have a teenager to shop for, this may get you major brownie points.

XboxOne: These are on sale for $199 at Gamestop and Amazon right now and include game bundles. That is like two presents in one.  Just saying.

Nintendo Switch: These are $299 at Gamestop which they are usually $350. The gaming world is on fire this week.

Fitbit Versa: On sale at Walmart now for $149, down from $200. I know I need a Fitbit upgrade. My current one is the 2015 model.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer: Everyone I know and their grandma want this mixer. I have personally never seen it so cheap. It is $189 at Walmart and it is the gift of the century for the baker in your inner circle. So if you have been waiting for it to go on sale then now may be your only chance until next year.

That is our personal version of Oprah’s Favorite Things except Cyber Monday style. Treat your family but we will look away if you go ahead and treat yourself.

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